Notary Public

Initial Application

New Application

  • Obtain a Tennessee Notary Public Application
  • Application must be notarized
  • Application will be submitted before the County Commission for approval
  • Return to County Clerk's office at least 10 working days prior to the next Commission meeting. County Commission meets on the second Monday of each month, except in April, August and December.


  • Williamson County renewal will automatically be presented before the Williamson County Commission for approval. In the month preceding the current expiration.


  • Applicant should call the County Clerk's office at (615) 790-5712 after the Commission Meeting to see if they were approved
  • If so, applicant will need to come into Clerk's office to sign notary book and pay fee 


  • $17 new and renewal


  • Step 1- After receiving the $17 fee, the clerks office will send the applicant's information to the Secretary of States office  for the notary commission date to be issued. 
  • Step 2- After the commission date is issued the Clerks office will contact the applicant with their expiration date.
  • Step 3- The applicant must provide their expiration date to their bonding agency and the agency will then issue the bond.
  • Step 4- The applicant will bring the bond in to the Clerks Office to be filed and receive their notary commission.

Time Frame

Note: Applicant must furnish his / her own seal.