Immunization Demographic & Records Transfer (TennIIS)

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Tennessee public and private educational institutions including post-secondary institutions and daycare/preschool facilities require students to show proof of immunization against certain preventable communicable illnesses. The State of Tennessee currently provides immunization records on an official certificate issued by local health departments or by primary care providers who participate in the online immunization information system (TennIIS). Failure to provide certificate of immunization meeting minimum vaccination requirements may exclude your child from attending certain academic institutions or districts.

The local health department does not set rules/regulations or oversee requirements that are adopted by local school districts or childcare facilities and can only provide a limited amount of information specific to the district or facility your child is attending. Please check with the facility or district's coordinated health official or office for their requirements.

All new immunization records must be MANUALLY TRANSCRIBED by department staff. Please allow time for processing of records, especially through the summer months.

If you have immunization questions or concerns, please contact: - Nursing Supervisor - Assistant Nursing Supervisor

For website/submission questions or concerns contact: - Health Educator

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