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Joint Williamson County and City of Franklin Planning and Sustainability Presentation-January 2020

Educational Impact Fee Schedule     
At their October 14, 2019 meeting, the Williamson County Board of Commissioners voted to revise the fee schedule for the Education Impact Fee.  These revisions were based on a study conducted by the consulting firm TischlerBise.  The revised fee schedule is based on the projected number of students anticipated over the coming five years, as well as updated construction and land costs.
Education impact fees are one time payments to fund the capital needs of Williamson County Schools, and reflects the proportional impact that new residential dwellings will have on the Williamson County School System.
The revised fees will go into effect of March 1, 2020.  The revised fee schedule is as follows:

Joe Horne, Director

The Community Development Division is responsible for ensuring that property development within the unincorporated county occurs in a manner that attempts to preserve the character of the essentially rural community, while accommodating record growth. 

This is accomplished with a strong, award-winning, performance-based Zoning Ordinance and through coordination with various federal, state and local stakeholders. Within Williamson County government, the following departments play key roles in achieving these goals: Through the interaction of these departments property values are maintained and quality of life is enhanced throughout the county.

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