Motor Vehicles

Automobile Title & Registration
All vehicle and title registration can be done at the County Clerks Office, located at 1320 W. Main St., Suite 135, or online.

  • $60.75 includes regular auto license plate, title, and wheel tax

Previously Owned Vehicles
  • Emission testing certificate (license transfers exempt)

Dealer Purchase
  • Bill of Sale showing purchase price and sales tax collected
  • Current title or MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin)
  • Odometer Statement

Individual (Private) Purchase
  • Odometer section filled in
  • Sales tax will be collected on the purchase price of vehicle less trade-in, if any
  • Title signed by seller as on front of title

Sales Tax Rate
  • 7% state tax on the purchase price less trade-in plus 2.75% fixed-rate state sales tax on purchase price from $1600 up to $3200 (maximum amount taxed $1600 at fixed rate is $1600 at 2.75%) plus 2.25% county tax on first $1600 ($36.00 cap on county sales tax) plus $1.00 Clerk's fee

Gift Requirements

  • Emission testing certificate - license plate transfers exempt
  • Form which must be filled out by both parties - giving and receiving
  • Odometer section filled in
  • Title signed by person listed on front of title

  • Current Emissions Testing Certificate
  • Current Registration
  • Current Title
  • Lien: Name and address of lien holder

Note: All lease vehicles require a Power of Attorney from lessor. $2.00 lessee fee.

Automobile Title & Registration Transfer
  • $14.50

  • Follow above requirements for title and registration, but no emission certificate required.
  • Purchased vehicle in same name as current registration. You may add a spouse but cannot drop a name.

Note: All lease vehicles require a Power of Attorney from lessor. $2.00 lessee fee.

How Do I Renew Online
Online renewals can be found at

**The heavy vehicle use tax (HVUT) is a fee assessed annually on heavy vehicles operating on public highways at registered gross weights equal to or exceeding 55,000 pounds. these vehicles cannot be renewed online as additional documentation is required.