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Williamson County Solid Waste Begins Phased Reopening for COVID-19 Impacted Services

Williamson County Solid Waste Department is pleased to announce that the brush, metal, and construction waste bins have been returned to all ten convenience center locations. Williamson County residents may bring up to three cubic yards per day to one convenience center, which is approximately one level pickup truck load.

Convenience centers and recycling drop-offs are permitted for Williamson County residential use only. No commercial, out-of-county, or loads larger than three cubic yards will be accepted at the convenience centers or recycling drop-off locations. Commercial loads and large loads must go to the Williamson County landfill located at 5750 Pinewood Road, Franklin, TN. Those with waste from out-of-county should contact their local solid waste department for instructions.

“We are asking residents to please be patient and work with us during this unusual time with extremely high volume waste outputs. The safety of Williamson County’s residents and our solid waste employees is our top priority,” said Nancy Zion, Williamson County Solid Waste Director.

Williamson County’s free paper shredding service provided by P & H Properties will be reopening on Tuesday, May 19, 2020. Free Shred Tuesday will be available every Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Material Recovery Facility located at 420 Century Court, Franklin. In order to provide the service as safely as possible, customers should practice social distancing and will be asked to stay in line six-feet apart at all times. Customers with more than five bags or boxes of paper to shred should call P & H Properties at (615) 790 - 8501 to schedule an appointment.

Goodwill trucks are expected to be returned to Fairview, Grassland, Nolensville, Southall, Thompson’s Station, and Trinity convenience centers and the Wilson Pike recycling drop-off in August 2020. Please contact your local Goodwill store if you have items you hope to donate.

Williamson County Solid Waste Changes in Operations Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

The Solid Waste Department is asking residents to comply with their social distancing measures at the centers; this includes allowing only 1 individual unloading on each side of the compactor at a time.


Williamson Recycles is a public and private sector joint venture with the Landfill and Convenience Centers, in an effort to preserve the environment by making recycling an accessible and county-wide effort. Williamson Recycles serves as the education division of the Solid Waste Department.

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