Tennessee vehicle inspection program

TN Vehicle Inspection Program (Emissions)

Vehicles must be tested every year with some exceptions.

Emissions testing is performed by Opus Inspection, a for profit corporation not affiliated with the County Clerk’s Office.  Take your vehicle along with the renewal notice you may have received in the mail from the Tennessee Department of Revenue, to one of the vehicle emissions testing stations. If you did not receive a renewal notice in the mail, you can still have your vehicle tested.

  • Test is valid for 90days and only one transaction – Test Early to Save Time
  • Click here for Station Locations and Live Camera Views (must select Williamson County tab)
  • Mobile Testing Units Available
  • $9.00 Vehicle Test Fee
  • Emissions Exemption Form – If your vehicle is out of the state, you can use this form to receive an exemption until the vehicle is back in the state and can be emissions tested.  Once you receive the exemption, you will be able to renew your tags.

For more information visit www.tnvip.org